[Interview] Let’s meet KpopSteve !

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I love Kpop Youtubers. Who doesn’t like Kpop Youtubers ? There are so many on the internet. Each one of them has his univers, his ways to express his passion about Kpop. I already had the chance to work with JRE & KML and French Kpop Youtubers Hongik Station, who were so nice. And I wanted to work again with a Kpop Youtuber. And it’s been a while since I follow him and I really like his videos and expecially his tests. He is the one and only : KpopSteve ! So… Hope you’ll like this interview !




How and when did you get into Kpop ?

I got into kpop in 2011. I saw a youtuber share Hyuna’s « Bubble Pop » on Facebook saying “Watch this hot girl dance!” so I did, and I enjoyed it then got on with my day. However later in the year I stumbled across Kara’s « Step ». Upon finding it I watched the music videos eight times in a row. My love for Kpop started there, and I had to know everything about the group and gradually know all about kpop.

Who are your favorite Kpop solo artists and Kpop bands?

Hmmm, this is difficult as they change so often. Top 4 ? Kara, VIXX, Big Bang and Girls’ Generation ! However this has changed in the past 2 years due to so many other great groups catching my eye, such as Girl’s Day, Infinite and AOA who I absolutely love. The list could go on and on! As for solo artists, I’m a big fan of Zico and Roy Kim.

Why did you decided to create your own Youtube Channel about Kpop ?

I have always wanted to do YouTube videos since I was young – as it’s something I’ve grown up with since 2007. However I wasn’t sure what. I love videogames however I wanted to stand out and do something different, and my other interest of kpop came to mind ! I saw some people were doing reaction videos to kpop music videos and I thought I’d give it a go !



How your family and friends reacted to your videos ?

My family are glad I have a hobby I love and something I would like to do in the future : making videos. However they don’t restrain from saying “Hey guys, it’s KpopSteve here!” constantly to annoy me. My friends were surprised at first, but now due to my eccentric personality they are used to it. When people comment saying “he’s overreacting” my friends have said to me “People don’t realise you are like that in real life, do they?” – they also love to imitate me as well.

You are not only talking about Kpop, but also about TV Shows. Which one would you recommend and why ?

I am obsessed with silly romance so I love « We Got Married ». I know it’s fabricated but I can’t help, but love the cheesiness of the whole show. It is not for everyone though. However, I’d recommend Running Man for everyone as it’s a hilarious and fast-paced variety show which is sure to make anyone laugh.

You have many type of videos (MV Reaction, Test…) Which one is your favorite ?

I like doing my tests a lot as it allows the viewer to join in on the game rather than just watch my reaction. However my favourites are my skits as it allows me to be creative in making videos which I love doing. They really challenge me to think, film and edit unlike reactions do and I enjoy that, and the satisfaction from good feedback is so much greater after putting in more work.



After two years and a half on your Kpop channel, you have over 43 000 followers and over 4 700 000 views. How do you feel about the fact that so many people follow you ?

Wow, it is very surreal. I probably still haven’t realised just how many people that is. When I get a lot of views on a video I’m like “Thousands of people I haven’t met have watched this…wow”, and it’s still unbelievable to me and always will be. I’m very thankful to all my subscribers for helping me grow and motivating me to try out a variety of videos by giving me their lovely feedback. I cannot thank them enough for helping me enjoy this hobby.

You did many collaborations for your videos. Would you like to collaborate with other Youtubers ? Who ?

Totally ! I have a few I have been talking to such as MRJKPOP who I have recently collaborated with. I would also like to collaborate with other kpop YouTubers such as JREKML and MisterPopoTV as I have chatted to them on Twitter and they’re cool dudes – however I have to think of ways to collaborate with people thousands of miles away from me. But I’m up for the challenge!

How could you describe your relationship with your followers ?

Like friends? That may sound cliché but I respond to pretty much everyone (except the spam and people asking me to react to Girls’ Generation’s Gee) and we just have conversations. Some followers who have chatted to me have become good friends of mine, however I’d love more of my followers to do so as I need people to chat about kpop with !



Are you planning to join some events to meet your followers (like conventions, meetings…)

I would love to ! However I’m not sure how many people are able to meet near I am (close to London) as I lot of my subscribers are from America or South Korea. I wanted to attend a Korean festival in London which would have been perfect for it! Unfortunately, I was on holiday but if more kpop events happen in London I’d love to meet people!

Do you have any other future projects ?

Yes, I have quite a few ideas I’d love to try. I want to keep experimenting with my content and stay creative. My dream is to be a film director and through YouTube I have realised how easy it is to get lazy. I could easily just say “Hi” react to a music video then say “Bye”, however I want to add my own twist on it and give my opinion. My tests have gotten a great response on my channel and that was due to me trying out new ideas, so I want to keep doing that !

Your favorite Kpop song for this first half of summer ?

Hmmm. Hmmm. For me it’s going to be Infinite’s Bad. I have loved all the girl groups but Infinite has come back so strong this summer.



What would you like to say to your French fans ?

Bonjour ! I’m not sure how many of you there are, but thank you so much for supporting me and watching my videos! I’m not planning to stop any time soon so please be excited for all the new videos coming to my channel. Merci Beaucoup !


Thank you to KpopSteve for this interview, it was great to work with you ! ^^ You can support him on Twitter, his Facebook page and subcribe to his Youtube channel !

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